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Modafinil is a medication to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder. It’s off label use as a cognitive enhancer is not conclusive. However, Modafinil reviews for off label use, show that it does have positive effects on cognitive enhancement, memory boost, and increase in focus.

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Modafinil – What do the users say in their reviews? 


I took it for recurring sleeping episodes in the day. I take one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Without it, I used to sleep all day. Now I take no naps in the day and sleep for 8 hours in the night. Adderall didn’t work for me. Modafinil is a lifesaver for me. The price is a big problem.


My overall feeling from the first day was ‘WOW’


I was on Provigil for a year. Then switched to the generic because of insurance hassles. The generic works for me and my pocket. I am not distracted at work and I have no serious side effects.


I took it for narcolepsy. It made a big difference in my personal life and at work.


I had sleep attacks throughout the day. When my doctor put me on Modafinil the sleep attacks have decreased significantly. My worst side effect is my foul-smelling urine.


This is the only medicine that worked for my sleep apnea.


I have been on Modafinil for 6 months to help with narcolepsy. I still feel sleepy and I keep yawning. This didn’t work as I expected.


My nineyear-old daughter was diagnosed with narcolepsy. After she was given Modafinil she is happy and cheerful.

Reviews in other forums


It has decreased my sleepiness but it has not cured my sleep disorder.


Modafinil keeps me at ease and is better than Adderall. It gives me mental clarity.


For me, Armodafinil works better. Modafinil works only for 4 to 6 hours.


I took it to get rid of my chronic fatigue. It worked but proved to be very expensive. I have changed to a generic that is as good.


I took it for narcolepsy and it has literally changed my life.


I feel exhausted if I miss the drug for a single day. I get headaches as a side effect.


I am the CEO of a Silicon Valley company. I started to use in my college days to focus on my studies. Now, I use it to get rid of the fatigue caused by jet lag. It is effective.


It was costing me $400 a month. I went to the generic when it hit the market. No turning back to Modafinil. Generic is a better option for me.

An overview

The drug works for many. Some have side effects. One thing that bothers many is the cost. Switching over to the generic is the best option if you want to save money.

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