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Modalaert is a generic form of modafinil used for curing sleeping disorders. The drug is used for wakefulness and energy among the users. It is widely popular and used by students and working people mostly. Modafinil plays a vital role in managing narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and ordinary sleeping cycles. Modalert is one of the generic types of modafinil drugs which is manufactured by Sun Pharma. Modafinil helps individuals to improve their brian functions for higher efficiency in their work. The branded modafinil also known as provigil is different from generic form modalert.

Manufacture of modalert and modafinil

It Was originally produced in the United States in 1998. The brand name given to the modafinil was provigil. It was a highway demanded in the market for its instant effects. On the other hand modalert is manufactured in India by Sun pharma. The effectiveness of the drug is high so it is demanded in the US market also for better results. The reasonable cost of modalert attracts people from different countries to buy it online.

Price difference of modalert and modafinil

price difference of modalert and modafinil
Price difference of modalert and modafinil

Generally the generic modafinil drug modalert is reasonable in price and easily available but branded modafinil is expensive. This is another reason that people from different countries are preferring modalert more than modafinil. The branded modafinil is manufactured in the USA whereas Modalert 200mg tablet is manufactured in India. The prices of the two different modafinil in the USA costs around 20 dollars per tablet whereas the price for modalert is 0.99 dollar. Though the prices of the two vary from the place you bought it.

Quality Differences

The quality of both the drugs are the same because the ultimate chemical composition is similar. Modalert is also a generic form of modafinil drugs. But the slight difference lies in the minds of the users as per their experience. Every individual has different choices so some branded modafinil is more effective then modalert and vice versa.

Side effects of modalert and modafinil

Like any other drugs modafinil also has some side effects. Both the branded and generic version modalert and Modafinil have side effects in common but it is rare to find them among users.

  1. Aches: if you are taking the drugs on a regular basis then you fight the issue of headache or body pain. Modafinil is strong in nature so the chances of getting a headache may be high. So whenever you are taking the drugs ensure that it is taken in a controlled manner.
  2. Lung infection: It is one side effect that is commonly detected by experts among the users of modafinil. Modafinil and modalert may not be suitable if you have dry cough issues or any kind of lung problems so it is better to avoid the drugs in such cases as it may cause infection in the lungs.
  3. Depression and Anxiety: some people may feel heavy after consuming the drugs for a long period of time. This heaviness may cause anxiety and depression which is not good for your mental health. The more you feel depressed the more your brain stops working so modafinil should be taken according to the dose given by your doctor.
  4. Diarrhoea: stomach issues can occur when some medicines do not suit your system. Diarrhoea is one of the main issues of the stomach which may be caused by modafinil. The medicine's composition is not suitable for weak bodies.
  5. Faint: Since modalert is strong in nature it may not suit users and they might feel dizzy which leads to fainting. If you have a tendency of fainting because of medicines then you should not take the drugs because it might affect you negatively.
  6. Insomnia: Modafinil is used for wakefulness and alertness but if it is used regularly for a long period of time then you may face the problem of insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where the person cannot sleep and takes medicine for sleeping sometimes. So if you are someone who has the tendency of insomnia then taking modafinil is not good because it may increase your insomnia and your sleeping cycles get affected adversely for the same.
  7. Blurred eyesight: As mentioned that people may feel dizzy after taking the drugs so there are chances some people might face the issue of blurred vision. The after effects of the drugs are fast and strong so there are chances of facing weak eyesight.
  8. Thirst: modafinil is a drug which helps you in handling your stress by keeping your body active but the drugs may increase thirst which leads to dry throats. If you are ok with the side effect then you can continue your dosage because it does not harm your body.

Is modalert and modafinil the same?

is modalert and modafinil same?

Modalert is a generic version of the drug named modafinil. There are different brands of modafinil but in the USA modafinil is known to be different in terms of price, quality and manufacturer. Most people know that Modalert is a brand name of modafinil but modalert is actually a version of unbranded modafinil. The branded modafinil is known as provigil but people call it with the name modafinil only. Branded modafinil has a slightly different chemical structure which makes it a little more expensive than modalert. However both have the same effect on the body and are used for the same reason that curing sleeping disorders. So you can say that the name of the drug is modafinil but one of its brands kept the same name which is modafinil. You can check the details of both modalert and modafinil in different online pharmaceutical stores where you can find the difference in the composition of both the drugs.

Concluding thought

Modafinil and modalert are drugs used for wakefulness and handling sleeping disorders like narcolepsy. Both the drugs are highly effective and can be used for an energetic mind and alertness. Since people know that modalert is a generic form of modafinil it has a branded version also known as provigil. Provigil is simply known as modafinil by most of its users. Both the drugs work similar but there are minor differences in their prices and chemical compositions. You can prefer any of the two because the effect of the drugs is similar. Also modalert itself is a modafinil but it is the generic version. It can be said that there is no big difference between modalert and modafinil. if you want to buy modafinil online with discounts so visit our product section.

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Difference between modalert and modafinil

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